• Best Hospitals in Ankara

    Hospitals in Ankara

    Hospitals in Ankara are known for their high quality of care and services. This is the reason why people from all around the world come to this city for treatment. There are many hospitals in Ankara, but the best ones are: Ankara University HospitalHacettepe University Medical School HospitalGülhane Military Medical Academy HospitalTürk Telekom Ankara Research and Training HospitalHacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Children’s Clinic Top 10 Hospital’s in Ankara 1. Acibadem Ankara Hastanesi Address: Turan Gunes Bulvari 630 , sokak No:6 Or-an , Ankara 6450 , Turkey.Tel: +90 312 593 4020Web: Visit Website 2. Akyol Tip Merkezi Address: Akropol Hastanesi , Ankara , TurkeyTel: +90 312 207 90 00 3. Ankara Guven Hastanesi Address: Simsek Sokak 29, Kavaklidere, Ankara 6450, TurkeyTel: +99 312 457 2525Website: Visit Website 3. Bayindir Hastanesi Sogutozu Sb Address: Eskisehir Yolu Sogutozu, Ankara 6520, TurkeyTel: +90 312 287 9000Fax: +90 312 285 0733Website: Visit Website 4. Bayindir Hospital – Kavaklidere Address: Ataturk Bulvari No:201, Kavaklidere, Ankara 6680, TurkeyTel: +90 312 428 0808Fax: +90 312 428 0629Website: Visit Website 5. Dunya Goz Hastanesi Ankara Address: Tunus Caddesi No.28, Kavaklidere, Ankara, TurkeyTel: +90 212 444 44 69Fax: +90 312 466 47 02Website: Visit Website 6. Medicana International Ankara Hospital Address: Sogutozu Cad./2165, Sk No:6, Ankara, TurkeyTel: +90 312 …

  • Top 20 Touristic Cities in Turkiye

    Most Touristic Cities in Turkiye

    Turkiye has many beautiful cities with stunning views and landscapes. You should definitely go there if you want to see something different! Top 20 Turkiye’s Most Touristic Cities 1. Istanbul Istanbul is the capital of civilizations. I mean the city of Istanbul. It has been shown to be an important tourist destination both in Turkey and other countries. Many historical buildings exist there. Visitors from around the world come to see them. Istanbul is a city in Turkey and is the country’s largest city. It is also the country’s economic, cultural, and historic center. Istanbul has many historical attractions, including Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace. Istanbul What is the cheapest time to visit Istanbul? The cheapest time to visit Istanbul is during the shoulder months of November through March. How many days in Istanbul are enough? A lot of tourists come to Istanbul because it is an important city in Turkey. There are many famous places such as Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Topkapi Palace, Basilica Cistern, Dolmabahce Sarayi, etc. You can also enjoy shopping, eating delicious foods and visiting museums. However, some of these places may be crowded during peak hours. So, I suggest you spend more than …

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